Four Best Social Media Apps for Marketer’s That You Must Have in 2018

//Four Best Social Media Apps for Marketer’s That You Must Have in 2018

Four Best Social Media Apps for Marketer’s That You Must Have in 2018

If some of our 2018 goals include being productive, saving time or improving your marketing efforts, then these social media will help you a lot. These social media apps are time-saving, are easy to use and will help you in keeping up with social media trends.

Four Best Social Media App for Marketers

Planoly App: For busy social media marketers

If you are a busy social media marketer, then it is quite easy for you to get caught up in between details and forget the most important things and this applies mostly to Instagram feeds.

The Planoly App is recommended by Amanda Wood who is the social marketing team leader of HOOTSUITES. Amanda wood is the first person to become a visual planner for IG. The app gives you a preview of how your pots will look like in a grid view before posting them.

Dattaly App: Social Media App for Social Media Managers

As a social media manager, you will find that you will use a lot of mobile data by consistently scrolling, posting, editing and scheduling.  The Datally app helps you manage your cell phone data, save, monitor and gain control of the data via tracking. The App has a data saver feature and can reduce how you use the data by 30%.

Signal App: Privacy App for Social Media Marketers

Privacy and security are main areas that social media marketers can’t ignore. Whichever information that you are discussing with your customers be it personal or formal, you want to be sure that your messages are well protected.

This Signal has an end to end encryption which provides maximum protection for all information that is sent to their network.

Habit Minder App: Reminder App for Social Media Marketers

People tend to make resolution or goals every beginning of the year or month. Habit minder app ensures that you follow these resolutions and goals. It also reminds you of simple tasks like walking, drinking water or any other work that you prefer.

Habit Minder App helps you monitor your progress and analyse statistics of the goals that you set. If you are a stressed-out social media marketer, these small goals and little nudges can create a whole difference between a forgotten task and an accomplished task.


Acquiring the perfect tools can create a massive difference for social media marketers. Try any of the above apps and build fantastic content for your clients.

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