Top Four Social media trends for 2018

//Top Four Social media trends for 2018

Top Four Social media trends for 2018

Social media is rapidly evolving. In the previous year, many stories rotated around Facebook: Facebook enticed users of snapchat to Instagram, the US president communicated about policy positions all in 140 characters, and Apple stated their plan of altering the way consumers use their mobile phones.

Social media trends today are no longer a place to share old photos with friends and family. You need to come up with ways of using online platforms to your advantage. For you to survive on the online platform as a marketer, you have to be very active on social media.

Besides, for you to be successful, you have to stay updated with the current social media marketing trends for your business to thrive. Below are some of the current social media trends for 2018.

Live Video Continues to flourish

Live video made headlines in the year 2017, no wonder it continues to be among the top social media trends for 2018.

A recent study shows that 95% of business brand executive claimed that they would use live video as part and parcel of their marketing strategy in 2018 due to its popularity.

Most consumers love the live video. About 80% of audiences prefer watching live videos as compared to reading a blog. A majority of favourite social media channels have started streaming live videos.

Chatbots Are Dominating Social Media

Internet chatbots have been in existence for the most prolonged period. They were around even during the times of IOL instant messenger. Just like everything else chatbots are evolving and are being incorporated in social media platforms. Chatbots are being used by companies to communicate with their clients. This trend of using chatbots is overgrowing.

Companies Are Taking Advantage of Paid Adverts

It’s 2018, and most businesses know the importance of being active in social media. Most of them have numerous online accounts on different platforms and update them on a regular basis.

Though this might seem enough, it isn’t. Businesses that want to elevate their companies need to pay for advertisements. For example, Facebook has over six million advertisements in its platform.

Social Listening

Most social platforms listen to your conversations. I know it sounds creepy, but the reality is that it happens. Social listening enables businesses to understand what consumers are saying about their brand. The information gathered is used in making new marketing strategies for the company.


Developments in the online platform change every day. As a marketer, you have to stay updated on the various new social media trends in the market so that you will be in a position to reach your target audience.

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