What Is SEO and How It Works

//What Is SEO and How It Works

What Is SEO and How It Works

SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. SEO Is a repeated process that is used in sending signals to search engines to enable your website to appear in google engines. Google uses an algorithm to give rankings to each site. It also figures out which website should be highly ranked according to what people are looking for.

Having the highest possible ranking can affect the search engine by having highest score and high quality of your site. SEO is a long-term strategy so there is plenty of room to make mistakes and correct them. Though SEO might seem like a hard task, it can be fun and easy to implement. Nevertheless, there are various lessons that an SEO practitioner should practice.

Lessons for an SEO Practitioner

Never try to outsmart Google

You need first to understand that you can never trick Google. SEO is all about understanding google working within googles algorithm to provide excellent content for the users which will later lead to higher rankings.

Avoid using funny tactics to rise to higher rankings as this might mess you up in the long term. Most people tend to think that they can get away with stuffing keywords or spamming content. GOOGLE has appropriate indicators that stop these funny tactics, so you can be sure that if you don’t get caught today, you will inevitably get caught tomorrow.

Avoid using one strategy

Try using new tactics for other clients. Avoid using the same old strategy that you used with previous clients. New clients come with new brand and expectations, and your old strategy might not work for them. Instead, you can try learning from your previous approach add a few things here and there to come up with better plans.

Change the way you talk about SEO

Always speak positively about SEO. The more you learn about SEO, the more knowledgeable you become. You will even find yourself using SEO terms when talking to your peers and colleagues.

People have different ways of searching

You have to know that people won’t always search the way you expect and When looking for ideas always put yourself in the position of the average searcher. Start by imagining what types of words or phrases they can use to find your brand. You can also use keyword research data to show which keywords are most appropriate for your brand.


Getting high traffic is the first step to having a successful company. Also, remember that you can get traffic by being featured in major sites.

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